Switch Blade 1pk

1 per pack.
Switch Blade Rattling Hybrid Jig.

Everything you could possibly want in a jig and more
‚ÄčAnother 1 of a kind Grimmy’s original.

Open Water Profile:
The loudest rattling jig on the market including a flasher blade in a stand-up design. Maybe the most versatile jig ever. All freshwater gamefish will fall prey to this new hybrid jighead. Jigging, Trolling, Drifting, Ripping. Tip with bait or trailer. SWGT Stained Water Go2.

Ice Fishing Profile:
This lure is ultra dynamic for checking fish moods. Super loud double barrel rattles combined with flasher blade will draw in aggressive fish. Fishing slowly for neutral fish will still give the subtle wobble and flash of the spinner blade. When fish are negative drop this lure down and the stand up design makes an easy pick up off bottom.