Duel Blades 1pk

1 per pack

6 1/2″ Duel Bladed Spinner.
Just when you thought it couldn’t be done.
‚ÄčAnother 1 of a kind Grimmy’s original.

Open Water Profile:
The duo blade spinner creates a mess of thump at differing frequencies. This lure attracts fish from a long ways out. The all out flash & thump is killer! Cast troll drift rip or yes even jig.

Grimmy’s tip of the week: put the coffee down and two hands on the rod.

Casting Profile:
This lure is amazingly castable as carrying an extra blade gives extra weight; nevertheless, this lure can be run decently shallow without too much gain of speed. Two blades also equals more lift. This lure can be fished in a good variety of depths by dropping to desired depth before beginning retrieve.