CrossBlade 4&6 1pk

1 Pack 5″ 1oz or 6″ 1 1/2oz
​Rattle Spoon or Spinner??? That’s what makes this a hybrid. A true triple threat.
​1 of a kind Grimmy’s original!

Open Water Profile:
Casts farther: Runs deeper: Rattles louder: Added Flash. What more do you want?
Walleye Pike Bass Lake Trout. Any freshwater fish that likes hardware will love the Crossblade.

Casting Ratio:
The design of this lure makes it a dream to cast, Whether you simply want more distance from shore or want to target weed pockets without spooking fish with boat proximity. This lure is a precision instrument of aerodynamics. Or something like that!

Ice Fishing Profile
This lure literally drives the spinner blade on the drop. When fish are aggressive this rattle flash combination can be a real riot.