CrossBlade 1&2 1 pk

1 Pack

1/4oz 1 1/4″ blanks or 1/2oz 1 1/2″ blanks

​Rattle Spoon or Spinner??? That’s what makes this a hybrid. A true triple threat.
​1 of a kind Grimmy’s original!

Open Water Profile:
Casts farther: Runs deeper: Rattles louder: Added Flash. The possibilities are endless for this lure; super versatile.
Walleye Pike Bass Lake Trout. Any freshwater fish that likes hardware will love the Crossblade.

Tip of the week – If scent is preferred over rattle. Open up the top end and stuff a bit of scented bait inside. Be sure not to over fill to the point of hampering the action.

Casting Ratio:
Spoons of this size can hardly be considered a casting lure. The distinct design of this lure gives it an amazing weight to size ratio the 1 1’4″ blank and the 1 1/2″ blank weigh in at 1/4oz and 1/2oz respectively. This puts both Crossblade sizes in a category all their own. They can literally match the casting distance and precision of lures twice their size plus.

Ice Fishing Profile
​These smaller Crossblades are excellent for Walleyes, Bass, Panfish & Trout.
Use a short twitching or dancing motion when the extra flash and or rattling  sound is needed to attract fish.
​Another tactic through the ice is to give this spoon a very subtle lift or fall. The waving of the small blade can entice very wary fish into committing the tragic err. This spoon is super versatile and as such can be fished hard & wild or super soft & subtle. Added flash & rattle can be conducive to stained water situations.